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For a detailed overview of the typical process involved in a commissioned work, including the thought and research that is involved in the creative process, please see the links above to recent commissions. 

For a full overview of past work scroll down to the list of projects below. 

Commissions start with drawing up designs, which usually includes the construction of a maquette (a small scale model). Once the design has been accepted, large scale works are constructed as an armature and then in clay. Once clay modelling is complete all work is inspected by the client and then cast in bronze. In such a way the client is able to be involved creatively at every level. This is public sculpture at its best, a shared process. 

Commissions differ from the conventional solo creative process of artmaking in that they are, at their very essence, a collaborative process. The sculptor / painter is part of a team of designers, dealing with a diverse range of intellectual, aesthetic and professional backgrounds. Commissioners may range from an individual to an organisation or group of people with a collective interest in completing the commission. There is a saying that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. This is very true of commissioned works where conflicts of opinion are inevitable. However, such conflicts are not to be avoided but rather seen as a vital ingredient in the artistic merit of this style of work, where success relies on the accommodation of ideas and the reconciliation of paradoxes. In resolving these conflicts a work is given tension, which is essential for the energy and structure of a work. In nearly all commissions completed to date such paradoxes have needed to be addressed.

Commissions can include portraits, garden sculpture, drawings...whatever your imagination desires, just get in touch.

Commissions To date


Mary MacKillop Relief panel. St Charles Catholic Primary School, Ryde


Commemorative bust of Mr Les Kirkpatrick for St Ignatius College, Riverview


Imagination Australia (an independent, creative communications company), in association with the AWM, as an artist / historical researcher for the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience




Ongoing private portrait commissions.


Commissioned by Sydney CEO to sculpt 1.3 scale figure of Pope Benedict XVI for BXVI Retreat Centre, Richmond.


Private commission to sculpt silver miniature figures of Australian Prime Ministers, Rudd, Gillard and Abbott


Commissioned by Marist Fathers, Hunters Hill to sculpt two relief sculptures.


Commissioned by Holy Name of Mary Parish, Hunters Hill to sculpt Madonna and Child relief sculpture.


Commissioned to create Life size Mary MacKillop for Mary MacKillop College, Wakeley, NSW


Commissioned by Damien Minton Gallery for a collaborative work with renowned Sydney artist, Martin Sharp


Commissioned by Church of Mary Immaculate, Waverley, to sculpt a life-size figure of Mary McKillop


Commissioned by St Brigid\'s Church, Marrickville, to sculpt a life-size bronze figure of the Virgin Mary, \"Mary, Mother of all nations\"


Commissioned by Multiplex as a sand sculpture consultant for "Castles in the Sand" sand sculpting competition, Palm Beach. Won first prize.


Commissioned by Maria Regina Catholic Church, Avalon, to sculpt a relief of the Virgin Mary for the external wall of the Church and to enhance the gardens


Life-size bust of Mr Eric Abraham, WWI war veteran (currently displayed at the Warwick RSL, Queensland)


Commissioned by Rose Bay Convent to sculpt a commemorative medallion for Rose Bay Chapel


Commissioned by the Horbury Hunt Club to sculpt a medallion for the "Horbury Hunt Award for Enlightened Conservation"


Commissioned by the Howard Florey Institute of Scientific Research and by the Coombs family to sculpt the bust of Dr H.C. "Nugget" Coombs


Commissioned by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to sculpt a mosaic crest of the Order's insignia, now mounted at St Vincents Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney


25 ton bronze ship propeller (6m in diameter)Sydney Ports Authority for Wharf 8, Cockle Bay


Sculpture assistant to Tom Bass


Life-size bronze Crucifix figure for the Sydney Korean Catholic Church, Auburn, NSW